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Why Is Sitting Down Too Much So Unhealthy?

Inactivity – that is the main reason why sitting is so unhealthy and damaging to our health. When we are up and moving, blood is flowing to all parts of our body, but when we sit for extended periods of time, blood tends to pool in our lower extremities. Reduced Brain Function Without blood flowing [...] Read more

Protein Versus Carbs For Workout Fuel

There is on going debate within the fitness community as to the best source of workout fuel. This argument takes place both in gyms and online fitness forums and is a source of fierce disagreement from both sides. While experts almost unanimously agree that athletes and fitness buff should be consuming high carbohydrate meals prior [...] Read more

It’s Not You It’s Me!

The following is an article I published back in 2008 for an Article Marketing content website that I was working with. I just ran across it and thought it still made sense in 2015. Enjoy. If you’ve ever been in a relationship before, then you’ve either heard those words, or you know someone who has. [...] Read more

Great Taste With No Pain

With more than 1 out of 3 adults in the US (70 million) taking OTC or prescription pills for digestive disorders and the pain associated with them, as a nation, we have serious health problems. And we’re spreading our problems around the world. What most people are frustrated with is that even if they eat [...] Read more

Discover Just How Great Juicing Can Be

When you juice, you can get a lot of minerals and vitamins from fruits and vegetables, all without needing to eat huge portions of them. Drinking juice from fresh fruits and vegetables offers a number of benefits. There are a lot of variations to juicing you can try, just by adding your favorite ingredients and [...] Read more

Does Facebook Control your mood?

The evolution of technology is really quite amazing and has quite an effect on our human minds. I recently heard  of browser apps for Firefox and Chrome browsers, that will not let you view your Facebook news feed. Facebook  makes changes, and then technology adjusts! God bless America! I think about this question a lot. [...] Read more

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